Grantors, Donors, and Volunteers – We thank you! 

We are a small nonprofit with a big mission. 

We could work day and night and still not come close to succeeding without the grants, the donations from businesses and individuals, and the hundreds of volunteer hours from our dedicated cadre of tutors.

Please know that we appreciate all of you!





Foundations & Organizations
The support we receive from foundations is key to our survival. We are grateful to those who are supporting our work in 2017.

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Local Outer Banks Businesses
Local businesses are continually being asked by many to support good causes. We are pleased to link to our 2017 supporters.

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Volunteer Tutors Donate Many Hours
Over 35 volunteers donate time weekly to tutor school children. With a growing waiting list of children, we welcome more support.

Making It Happen - Making Us Happy!

Dare Education Foundation Grant for Family Literacy Program

Outer Banks Community Foundation Grant for Office Equipment

Tortuga's Lie Owner Takes Time Off to Tutor