Making a Difference

One Child at a Time

 Dedicated volunteers provide home based tutoring to over 100 school children.

Children receive weekly assistance throughout the school year with homework, projects, and literacy skills.  They also participate in an eight week environmental education summer program.

 Feedback from the schools is positive:  children are flourishing and parents are more involved!

Our success is growing and so is the demand for our services.  Please help us continue to fund our Family Literacy Program by sponsoring a child.  $240 will help cover expenses for one child for a full school year. We will gladly take more, graciously accept less!



“Since the first day of you coming, I got better in my grades.  I know hard words now. We study about animals and it helps me in my projects. And I like having  you here, too!”  Jasmine      “You help me read more and help me with my homework. It helps me get better at my math and we do fun stuff.  I didn’t understand area and perimeter until you helped me.” Jonathan                           

With your donation, you can help us build on our success:

• Better student grades and more assignments completed

• Increased student confidence in the classroom

• Increased parent participation in their children’s education

• Stronger links between families and school

    Our Gold Level Sponsor for 2017!