Mano al Hermano

Reaches Out to the Community

Working together, we build bridges between the English and Spanish speaking communities.

We partner with community organizations.

We share current information in Spanish and English.

We organize legal clinics to educate the Latino community about the law and give them the tools to better support their families.

Community Partnerships

Part of building bridges is increasing Latino access to existing community services.  We work to increase Latino awareness of services and clinics currently available in the community offered by both public and nonprofit agencies, providing Spanish interpretation when possible. We are grateful for the many helping hands in Dare!

Public Forums

We work in cooperation with local organizations such as the League of Women Voters, local churches, and government entities to share current and accurate information concerning the Latino community. This leads to more open communication and greater empathy and understanding. We encourage an open exchange of ideas.


Legal Clinics

The goal of our clinics is to educate and inform our immigrant Latino community. Bilingual attorneys offer legal information on topics such as Know Your Rights, immigration detention and deportation tactics, and how to create a plan of action. We also plan to offer sessions on general topics such as nutrition and financial management.