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Mano al Hermano is proud to be a Dare County  community-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower Latino families through education and positive integration program.

Estamos orgullosos de ser una organización sin fines de lucro basada en la comunidad del Condado de Dare, cuya misión es empoderar a las familias latinas a través de los programas de educación e integración positiva.

We need YOUR help!

The board members of Mano al Hermano are asking for your financial support to sustain our programs, which support and empower the poorest and most under-served population in Dare County - Hispanics/Latinos. Our programs continue to grow, both in terms of numbers and impact. However, that growth has not been matched by the necessary sustaining funds. Recently, our Executive Director became an unpaid volunteer in order to preserve the integrity of our programs.

Please consider the following contributions that we have made to our community in the past year:

• Family Literacy Program (FLP)
• English As A Second Language (ESL)
• Roanoke Island Community Garden
• OBX Latin Festival 2016

Your donation is tax deductible and very much appreciated, especially during this challenging time for Mano al Hermano “My Hand to my Brother”. Thank you!


Mano al Hermano

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