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Mano al Hermano is proud to be a Dare County  community-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower Latino families through education and positive integration program.

Estamos orgullosos de ser una organización sin fines de lucro basada en la comunidad del Condado de Dare , cuya misión es empoderar a las familias latinas a través de los programas de educacion e integración positiva.

Annual Appeal

The board members of Mano al Hermano is again asking for your financial support to sustain our programs, which support and empower the poorest and most underserved population in Dare County - the Latino family. Our programs continue to grow, both in terms of numbers and impact. However, that growth has not been matched by the necessary sustaining funds. Recently, our Executive Director became an unpaid volunteer in order to preserve the integrity of our programs. Please consider the following contributions that we have made to our community in the past year: • Family Literacy Program (FLP) – Growing in numbers of children, families, and volunteers, this in-home tutoring program helps the student achieve their potential by reviewing homework, doing special projects and serving as the child/family’s advocate on many levels. In addition, the FLP Director interacts with the teachers and other school officials on behalf of the Latino student. There are so many wonderful success stories and the teachers and parents have been so supportive. We have 110 elementary school children enrolled in our program, served by 25 volunteers. Unfortunately due to the number of children already on our long waiting list we have postponed taking additional requests from teachers. It is estimated that we could serve as many as 300 elementary school children, requiring another 40 tutors. Increased academic grades, completion of work and stronger relationship building are all results of the FLP, but we need financial support to continue and grow this program. • English As A Second Language – We continue to serve 50 individuals through our two classes. A “Family Literacy for Parents” program that is in the planning stage will serve parents of the children enrolled in the Family Literacy Program. • Roanoke Island Community Garden - The good will and positive community relationships between Latinos and Anglos built on a common desire to grow and share healthy fruits and vegetables was again accomplished as 25 plot owners grew superb gardens in our MaH Roanoke Island Community Garden. Much of our shared produce goes to the local food pantry. • Home Repair - We facilitate a successful neighbor helping neighbor home repair initiative where Latino community members work together and now many Latino families live in safer and healthier homes. • Hispanic Heritage Festival - Many businesses and individuals supported our 2nd Annual Hispanic Festival where over 3000 people helped us share our culture, celebrate our heritage and experience a true sense of positive integration! It has been said that the Latino worker is the OBX’s quiet labor force working in our restaurants, lawn care and housekeeping/tourist industries. They are proud, hardworking and faith filled neighbors who contribute much to the beauty and livelihoods of many. We are asking for your support to help us continue our programs in the upcoming year. Your gift today will not only help our Latino neighbors help themselves, it will help make Dare County stronger, more educated, and a more equitable for all. Your donation is tax deductible and so very much appreciated especially at this challenging time for Mano al Hermano “My Hand to my Brother”. Thank you.